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Dexter's Research Fundings

6. PI, Seed Project Research Fund of Research Institute for Sports Science and Technology (RISports), Developing Nanocomposite based Mouthguard Biosensor for Real-time Ultrasensitive detection of Salivary Lactate to Monitor Physical Exercise Performance. HKD 300,000.00. Funding Round: 2023-2024

5. Co-I, ITF-TCFS, Single-cell droplet RNA sequencing platform based on DNA-encoded nanoparticles for pediatric neuroblastoma research. HKD 281,400.00. Funding Round: 2022-2024

4. Co-I, 深港澳科技計劃項目(C類項目), Rapid detection technology for on-site screening of COVID-19 and influenza viruses via a portable micro-nano hybrid sensing platform. HKD 1,219,057.33. Funding Round: 2021-2023

3. Co-I, 深港澳科技計劃項目(C類項目), Blood shear stress regulates the survival and metastasis-initiating ability of circulating tumor cells. HKD 1,219,057.33. Funding Round: 2021-2023

2. PI, Start-up Fund for RAPs under the Strategic Hiring Scheme, PolyU (UGC). Remote Manipulation of Soft Nanocomposite Hydrogel to Regulate Stem Cell Differentiation for Tissue Engineering. HKD 250,000. Funding Round: 2021-2023

1. PI, One-line budget, PolyU (UGC). Magnetic Nano-manipulation of Immune Cell Activation via Ligand-receptor Engagement Feedback for Enhanced Immunotherapy. HKD 200,000. Funding Round: 2020-22023

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